Which bed fits a small child's room?

The bed is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture in our child's room. What is it worth betting on, what are its most important features? Thousands of shapes, sizes and materials that it can be made of can make you dizzy when choosing! Thanks to a well-chosen bed, your child will develop faster and healthier.
"Happy are those who dream but know when to wake up to transform their dreams into actions." (P. Pellegrino)
Here are some of our tips on what to look for when choosing the right one for your baby.
  • Dimensions:

There are cots available on the market in various sizes, starting from 100 × 60 cm. However, guided by the functionality and how our children grow quickly, taking care of their comfort and easy sleep, we advise that the first bed should be larger. In our offer you will find beds in 120 × 60 and 140 × 70 variants, which will allow you to use them up to 3-4 years of age, in which, according to pediatricians, it is worth for the child to start using a full-size mattress, which we also encourage you to do. A child's sleep in the period of rapid growth is often restless and favors increased wandering, which is why the supply of a comfortable and comfortable space is so important.

  • Materials:

For every responsible and caring parent, the materials of the furniture, in which the child rests, should be important, as well as what products were used to finish it. For the health of our toddler, the best thing is to surround yourself with natural materials. Our children's furniture is made of wood from well-managed forests. We guarantee it with an FSC certificate. They have been varnished with child-friendly and environmentally friendly water-based varnishes. Undoubtedly, the fact that the wood is warm to the touch is important, so the toddler will not feel discomfort when it comes into contact with it, which will allow him to sleep peacefully and uninterruptedly.

  • Security:

The ubiquitous focus on the appearance and unusual design of furniture products often does not go hand in hand with their safe and solid finish. As we have children ourselves, we meet the expectations of integrating both features in our products. Attention to durable workmanship, rounded edges, paint resistant to chipping, railings and a base for the mattress can meet the most active, energetic young users.

  • Functionality:

Functionality is a term that is inseparable from a children's room and the fact that each piece of furniture placed in it must sometimes fulfill many tasks. The bed itself takes up valuable space in a sometimes small room.

In response to the inquiries that keep coming to us, how to deal with this problem, we have prepared many solutions that make an ordinary bed into a multifunctional piece of furniture.


3S cot - beautiful and functional. It has been designed to last for many years. When the baby grows up, the crib can be transformed into a couch allowing easy access. We have found 3 practical and spacious drawers under the cot, which will accommodate everything you need in the first days of life and in the following years. They run on hidden metal rails with a soft-close system.

Bunk bed with stairs

A bed that combines functionality and design. High bed with steps that can be placed on either side of the bed. Thanks to our Funflex bed, you can create a room out of your children's dreams. Its construction ensures safe and comfortable rest for two toddlers. The perfect way to save space in the room. Under each step, there are spacious compartments that create additional space for: books, toys, clothes and all treasures. The bed has strong and stable rails for the safety of your children while they sleep and play.

Raised bed with desk and cupboards

A bed that combines functionality and design. Thanks to our Funflex bed, you can create the room of your dreams. This is the perfect way to save space in a room. Under the sleeping area you will find a fully functional desk with two spacious chests of drawers on the sides. The doors and drawers of chests of drawers have a silent closing system. The bed has strong and stable rails for your safety while sleeping. The sloping ladder allows easy and safe access to the bed and can be placed on either side of the desk. The timeless combination of white and light birch will always be in fashion.

We hope these few tips will help you create the perfect baby room.
In the case of furniture, we recommend our offer and we always provide helpful advice in choosing them.
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