How to create a functional child's room?

Arranging a room for our child is a real challenge that interior architects have been facing for years. Thousands of inspirations and styles. However, one most important feature runs through them all - functionality! A child's room is the most multifunctional room in our home or apartment. Thanks to the constantly changing possibilities, in relation to what our parents had to face, we can meet it even in a small space.
“It's not creative thinking that is the way to create creative projects. Your design is the way to creative thinking. " (G. Nelson)
We will try to make this task easier for you in a few steps.
Step 1: Bet on bright colors.

Versatile and timeless white or gray with pastel shades of pink, blue or green. It's a shot at 10! These colors will not only visually enlarge the room, but also, according to many psychologists, ideally support the development of the psyche and emotions of our youngest. The room seems low or narrow? Stripes or an irregular wall surface can come to your aid. Vertical arrangement of the pattern will make the room visually taller, while horizontal arrangement will add width to it. To add charm, you can also choose polka dots that are returning to favors and recently fashionable or large dots on one of the walls. This is how the perfect basis for creating a child-friendly space was created.

Step 2: Floor

Undoubtedly, the floor is a place where our toddler will spend most of the first years of life, so it is very important that it is friendly to him. Wooden floor or panels depending on your preferences are the best possible choices. Both in keeping clean, resistant to damage and antiallergic. Natural materials on the floor, such as wood or a cotton string rug, which do not cause allergies, seem to be a MUST HAVE item in modern children's rooms. In addition, such a rug will provide our child with a soft landing while playing and taking the first steps. It is a child-friendly decoration and fosters a warm atmosphere in the room.

Step 3: Division into zones and selection of furniture for them.

At this point, the topic of functionality comes back to us. The basic functions of a children's room include the following zones:

  • Bedroom - is a comfortable bed that allows our children to sleep in a peaceful and comfortable way, which is so important in adolescence. If possible, according to the principles of feng shui, it should be placed with the short side to the wall and the child sleeping facing the door. It can also be located in the corner of the room or in a niche, it will provide a sense of security and coziness.
  • Storage - when choosing furniture for a child's room, especially with a small space, we must remember about their capacity, functionality and additional functions. In small rooms, it is worth putting on high shelves and spacious chests of drawers, supplemented with boxes, organizers and baskets, in which there is room for all smaller toys and items, which will easily prevent visual disorder and chaos, and thus dust settling on them. It is also worth ensuring that the furniture provides free access to clothes and things everyday use, which allows us to develop our independence child.
  • Science - when choosing a desk, you should pay attention to the possibility of adjusting it to its height as the child grows. It is optimal to place it near the window, especially nowadays, where the computer becomes an integral part of learning. The sun's rays reflecting off the monitor may have a negative effect on the developing eyesight of our children. Next to the desk, it is worth having a place for shelves or a bookcase. In this way, we will create the perfect corner for intellectual development for our child.
  • Hobbies and adoption of friends - along with the development of our child, we must find a place for elements related to our child's hobbies, as well as a place where he or she can freely welcome friends and colleagues. A small table and chairs will be perfect here to avoid receiving guests and sitting on the bed or the lack of freedom of conversation in other rooms.

In the case of small rooms, functionality can become a key element in the selection of furniture. In this case, we can also use a comfortable bunk bed. Modern, solid structures combine many functions, which allows the use of space otherwise unavailable.


We hope that these few tips will help you create the perfect room for your child.
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