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The name Inmondo is a combination of words from Esperanto: infant (child) and mondo (world). Child's world. It talks about two things that are very important to us: that children are the whole world for us, and that by arranging a room, we create a world for them. The motto "room to discover" also has a double meaning: "room" is both peace and space. The child first discovers his room and then, step by step, the whole world. Our furniture is to be the beginning of this learning, a space of unlimited possibilities and inspiration. We invite them on a fascinating journey. There is so much to discover!


Projektujemy meble już od 1978 r. Gdy do zespołu dołączyło nowe pokolenie, młodzi rodzice, zapragnęliśmy stworzyć coś specjalnie dla nich — a dokładniej, dla ich dzieci. Tak w 2019 r. powstało Inmondo. Patrzymy na meble oczami projektantów i rodziców. Obserwując rozwój własnych pociech, możemy lepiej odpowiedzieć na ich potrzeby, i wykorzystać to doświadczenie w naszej pracy. Wierzymy, że dzieci zasługują na projekty dopasowane wyłącznie do ich potrzeb; wydzielenie odrębnej marki dziecięcej jest najlepszym sposobem na pokazanie naszej pasji i koncentracji na wyznaczonym celu.


This child is our final and most important customer. His needs are always our top priority. We examine them, recognize and define them, and then we find the perfect design answer - in the form of a piece of furniture or the entire collection. Designing is a difficult industry and children are special customers. They don't choose by themselves, but they know immediately whether they like something or not. We can't talk to them, but we keep thinking about what's best for them and trying to get in touch through our projects. Simply put - we want children to feel comfortable with Inmondo furniture. Then the parents will also be pleased. What do you think about this approach? See how it works in practice: visit us at ul. Solidarności 34 (showroom) or contact us.

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