What is the impact of appropriate play and arrangement of the room on your child's development?

The development of a child is influenced by many factors and components, but most often the surroundings and play are given as the most important. At any age, a particularly important place is his room and the solutions used in it.

Play is the basic activity in the development process. Until the age of three, a child plays primarily alone, mainly using his body for play. Then it's time to manipulate objects, build paintings and set designs - such as a house or a shop.

With age and individual preferences, it is time to introduce peers and other people around you to your games.

Play is a specific way of acquiring knowledge about the environment, taking over from people the habits of social behavior, accumulating experiences, searching for means of expression for experiences and sensations. It is an activity undertaken by a child out of interest, personally felt need, and therefore it engages its energy, creativity and initiative.


“Playing in a child's life does not fulfill any one specific, closed, isolated function ... For a child, play is thinking, creativity and realism, fantasy and relaxation, a source of joy. Playing gives the child the fullness of life that he needs. " (EA Arkin)


For a child, peace is a whole world that requires learning and discovery. Here the child sleeps, looks, listens, learns to walk, and then to understand more and more - here everything begins.

That is why it is so important that it is a safe, inspiring place, full of good energy and adapting to individual stages of development. It is possible that this room that you are arranging now will become part of the beautiful memories of your daughter or son.

Sensory cognition is one of the most important elements influencing a child's development. It is experiencing the surrounding world through touch, hearing and sight.

This shows that in a child's room we must focus on the variety of textures and materials from which the furnishings are made. A fluffy teddy bear, a rug made of strings, wooden furniture, and a rough blanket - such a variety of materials is a paradise for the still developing man.

As your child grows, give them the opportunity to make changes on their own.

It will give your child a sense of security, trust and a real influence on the surrounding world. This behavior primarily responds to the emotional, mental and developmental needs, which are so important in the first years of a child's life, when there is a strong need to discover independence and get to know oneself. In school and adolescence, this need grows and turns into a legendary rebellion, in which both clothes and surroundings emphasize individuality and separateness from parents. On the other hand, peace becomes an asylum, evacuation from the world, and even a tight shelter.

The colors of the surrounding space and objects are very important in the development of your child's personality. Light colors and pastel shades will be the most advantageous for an infant. Timeless white and gray will work best, but blues, greens, pinks and yellows will also be a great choice. Due to the fact that the baby spends most of the time in the cot, we should also take care of a little variation in the ceiling. Clouds, stars, patterns or a small fairy-tale character will provide an attractive picture above our baby's head.

The development of your preschooler or young student is stimulated by more varied colors. More intense colors should be introduced in the room, except for the study corner, where calm colors should still predominate.

During development, an older child should independently decide about the interior of the room, and thus also about the colors of the walls and furniture. The most controversial choices - a black, blood red or navy blue wall - is a form of rebellion that may prove to be the safest for a teenager's development.

Functionality is the key to success. Throughout the years, this room plays an extraordinary role in the development of your child. It is not only a bedroom or a place to host friends - it is a workshop, a laboratory, a wild jungle, a shop, a school room, a treatment room, a model runway or a minefield, and many more.

Functionality, so important to us and often emphasized by the Inmondo team, is an attribute of a well-furnished room suitable for users of all ages - especially a child -. It will allow peace to serve for many years without radical and expensive changes, which will save you not only money but also nerves.

It is worth betting on furniture that can change with the growth, development or change of your child's character.

Our projects combine modular solutions and many height adjustment options so that they can grow up with their user.

A good example is Tippo desk  with adjustable table top height and table top angle, it will meet the requirements of both a child and a teenager. It adapts perfectly to the age, height and needs of the child. You can easily change the height of the desk from 64 to 80 centimeters. Thanks to the ergonomic tilt adjustment, the table top can be used for painting, writing or reading. The drawer under the table top will accommodate the necessary utensils of a diligent student.

The bed was raisedwhere functionality and design go hand in hand. Thanks to our Funflex collection, you can create a dream room for your child. The bed can be supplemented with shelves and chests of drawers that perfectly fill the space under the bed. Thanks to this, you will get additional storage space. Books, toys and all the treasures will finally find their place without sacrificing space in the room.


Whether your childhood dream was your own "Base" or treehouse?

If so, thanks to the optional extension from the Funflex collection, you will create such a magical place for your little one to sleep and play. This construction gives a lot of possibilities to arrange a children's room.

The bed has strong and stable rails for the safety of your child while sleeping and playing.


We hope that this text will help you create the perfect room for your child.

In the case of furniture, we recommend our offer and we always provide helpful advice in choosing them.

Please contact us or visit our showroom.

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