Furniture that grows with the child. What solutions should you choose?

When we plan a children's room decor, we want it to be beautiful, comfortable and, above all, adapted to the needs of the toddler. Unfortunately, each such project is a temporary solution that will require changes with the passage of time and the changing tastes and needs of the child. Does this mean, however, that we have to accept the need to completely remodel the entire room every few years? Of course not - by choosing furniture that grows with the child, we can significantly extend the durability of the arrangement and make it remain equally functional despite changing requirements.

A comfortable bed for a toddler

A comfortable place to sleep is an absolute basis for furnishing a child's room, and in order to ensure optimal conditions for rest and sleep, the bed must always be of the right size and have appropriate security measures adapted to the needs and level of independence of the toddler. That is why there are separate solutions for babies on the market, i.e. beds with rungs protecting against falling out, and of various sizes children's beds already using the bed on their own.

Now, however, another product category is available - baby cots, which can be easily transformed into a comfortable couch for an older toddler. It is enough to disassemble the rungs. This is what it is 3S cot from the Inmondo offer - it is a beautiful and stylish piece of furniture equipped with spacious drawers, which will be perfect not only in infancy, but also in the first years of life.

A perfect desk for a child of all ages

Children's desks They can be a good addition to a preschooler's room, where they provide a comfortable place to play or draw, but also allow the child to get used to using such a piece of furniture before going to school. However, in a student's room it is an essential element - so what is worth paying attention to when choosing the right model?

  • Furniture dimensions: a spacious table top will allow for convenient homework and study, but there will also be room for decorative accessories or organizers for school supplies. When choosing the size of a desk, it is worth paying attention not only to the amount of space available in the room, but above all to its functionality.
  • Table top height: In order for the child to be able to maintain the correct posture while sitting at the desk, its top must be at the appropriate height - adjustable desks allow for perfect adjustment to the child's height without the need to buy a new piece of furniture.
  • Storage space: The available models differ in the number and size of drawers, which allows you to choose a variant tailored to the needs of the project being created. If your room lacks storage options, spacious drawers can be a great help in organizing and organizing the space.

Adjustable desks are also available in our offer. This, for example desk from the Funflex collection, with three-level height adjustment, which makes it perfect for both a small child's room and an adolescent teenager - in both cases, ensuring an equally high level of comfort. Another interesting solution is TIPOO desk - it is distinguished not only by its unique style, but also by high functionality, which is guaranteed by the possibility of adjusting not only the height of the table top, but also its inclination.

Furniture that will last for years - why is it worth reaching for?

  • Your child gets solutions tailored to his needs. In the case of adjustable furniture, saying that they can grow with your child is not an empty promise. Their design allows you to make changes, thanks to which, as the toddler grows up, we can easily change the character of the furniture, for example by adjusting the height of the desk top - all without losing functionality.
  • Universal style. Furniture purchased with many years of use in mind must be able to adapt to the changing tastes of a child so that, regardless of changes made to the arrangement, it will always be a coherent element of the decor. It is worth betting on wooden, white or neutral-colored furniture - such as products from the Inmondo collection!
  • You invest in high quality. The durability of the furniture results directly from the quality of the materials and finish used in the production - this issue is of particular importance in the case of adjustable furniture, which, after all, are to serve a toddler for many years. For optimal results, it is best to reach for furniture from renowned manufacturers - it is a guarantee not only of keeping a beautiful appearance for years, but also of maintaining a high level of comfort.
  • You avoid buying new furniture. The purchase of furniture that will grow with the child is an investment in a functional and stylish interior, but also in future savings. Thanks to such solutions, replacing the furniture with a new one each time the child grows up will no longer be a necessity - adjustable furniture means quality and comfort for years!

Furniture that grows with a child is a good solution for your child, your finances, but also for the environment - so they offer many more benefits than just a beautiful appearance and comfort of use.

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